Here is what our customers have said

  • "We love Sage but they could not produce a module for our Brewery. Sothcott Smith have written a special Sage module for us which means we can continue with Sage." Mauldons.
  • "We had a problem with people retrieving reject stock from our skips and selling the substandard items giving us a bad name. Sothcott Smith implemented a 20 camera computer based security system. Now we are in charge of our business again." Pakfin
  • "Sothcott Smith have maintained our Production Control System for 15 years and they have recently improved the system for the new owners." Robydome.
  • "Increasingly I am working from home and have built an office. Sothcott Smith have build me a server and networked my new office. I can now link to our HQ in London as if I were actually in London." Charsley Consultants
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