It's a New World Order Jack!

Were we allowed a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty like we were promised? No we were not. What happened when Ireland were allowed a referendum? They said NO. What would we have voted? We would say NO. What did our PM do? He went ahead anyway.

When the government commissions an enquiry into something, what do we expect to happen? We expect a whitewash since that's what we always get.

Most people assume that this is because the people in charge are numpties. However they number and directions of all their mistakes seem to be forming a pattern. Like staring at a huge billboard from a couple of inches way you have to pull way way back before you can see the full picture. The picture is still being drawn, can you see what it is yet? It's not a Rolf Harris actually it's a bit gruesome, like something Damian Hurst would sell to a Billionaire.

You probably trust the BBC news more than you trust what is written on the Internet. I would say you should consider turning that idea on it's head. The Internet is very loosely regulated so potentially has a lot of rubbish which would not make it onto TV. However mainstream media is very heavily regulated, you may think that programs like "The F-Word" would prove otherwise. In fact it's so regulated and everyone seems to get news from the same sources that they are all saying what is acceptable to say. What is written on the Internet can be very very different.

So how do they do this? If almost everyone the TV interview in the street want out of Europe they will keep interviewing until they find someone who says we should stay in. Then on TV they will show one of the Anti-Europe and one of the Pro-Europe in the name of balance.

We know how easy it is for us to be manipulated by TV. Remember when they showed the Queen storming out of a photo session? It was actually her rushing to the photo session but the showed it out of sequence to make it look like she was storming off set. Do you think that's the only time they did something like that? Most of TV is like that, we only spot the occasional one.

We do have a tool to cut through all this deception. It belongs to us and you still don't need a licence to use it, unlike a TV or a car or a pub. Use the Free Internet whilst we still have it.

Here are some links to get you started. Keep your wits about you and make up your own mind.

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